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        About Us


        About Us



        Q1. Why choose SPO?

        A1. We have 30 years experience and also good reputation around the world. Our products are exported to all over the world since 1990.

        Q2. Which markets are you dealing with?

        A2. Because of our high quality and great service, our products are very  popular in Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Middle East, North America and so on.



        Q3. What about the samples ?

        A3. Free samples can be sent according to your request.



        Q4. What if your products have quality problems ?

        A4.  First, you may send us some samples of the product, we will test it, if it is really quality problem,  we will take responsibility to assist you to resolve your concern.



        Q5. How is your services ?

        A5. We are 24 hours online to answer your questions. We treat every customer as our friend.