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      3. The Current Position:Home 120Nm/2 spun silk yarn for bosky


        120Nm/2 spun silk yarn for bosky

        Date:2017-12-28 14:13:24

        Quick Details

        • Product Type: Other Yarn
        • Material: 100% silk
        • Yarn Type: Spun
        • Pattern: Raw
        • Feature: Anti-Pilling, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Static, Eco-Friendly
        • Use: Embroidery, Hand Knitting, Knitting, Sewing, Weaving, Other
        • Twist: 560-860
        • Evenness: 95
        • Yarn Count: 140nm/2, 180nm/2, 210nm/2, 240nm/2, 300nm/2
        • Strength: strong
        • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
        • Brand Name: SPO
        • Model Number: 140nm/2, 180nm/2, 210nm/2, 240nm/2, 300nm/2
        • Place of Origin of spun silk: China
        • Brand Name of spun silk: SPO, Fengshu

        Packaging & Delivery

        Packaging Details: CARTON/BAG
        Delivery Detail: 5 days
        Product Description

        Spun silk yarn counts variety:8nm/2,10nm/2, 20nm/2,48nm/2, 60nm/2, 80nm/2, 120nm/2, 140nm/2, 170nm/2, 210nm/2, 240nm/2


        Spun silk yarn with Low price.High qualtiy.Anti-Bacteria.Anti-pilling.Eco-friendly

        Products image

        Company Information

        Glad to learn you’re on the market of spun silk yarn.We are a leading manufacturer

        with 30 years experience and more than 500 workers of spun silk yarn. Our main

        products are 60nm/2,80nm/2,120nm/2,140nm/2,210nm/2 100% spun silk yarn;

        blended yarn of silk/wool, silk/cotton, silk/cashmere,silk/viscose; silk top; silk sliver;

        silk fabric;silk noil;dying spun silk yarn.

        If you are interesting in our products,pls feel free to contact me.

        Best Regards

        Daisy Ni


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